Time: 13.08 - 30.09.2010
Venues: Bęc Zmiana [installation], 65 Mokotowska St.
5-10-15 [object], 73 Mokotowska St., Warsaw

Closing down the marketplace at the 10th Anniversary Stadium shifted Jarmark Europa from the real world to the realm of ideas, myths and legends. We preserved a fraction of the spontaneous architecture of the marketplace as a readymade installation, a piece of architecture ‘in transit’, conceived to emerge just for an instant. Pace of changes in the city overwhelms even temporary structures. Like our stall, which didn’t make it on time to the marketplace, they can become useless before they are even built.

Jerzy Goliszewski, Transit, 2010. fot Jerzy Goliszewski

The stall accompanies the presentation, held at Bęc Zmiana, of the installation by Jerzy Goliszewski, commenting on hyper-dense temporary architecture in a constant state of flux. On the ceiling of the Bęc Zmiana venue tin plate roofs were supposed to flourish – a part of the landscape, transferred here in real scale, which until recently could be admired from the crown of the Stadium or platforms of the Stadion railway station: ocean of light roofs of various materials, just like in favelas and marketplaces all over the globe.

The interior of the stall gives out the sounds of the Radio Stadion broadcast – prepared within the Finissage of the Stadium in April 2007. The stadium local radio was transformed into weekend broadcasts, suspending for an instant the causative force of official language and retrieving the ‘invisible’ users of the public space of Jarmark Europa. All output was created by an international community of tradesmen in their mother tongues.

Jerzy Goliszewski - studied painting and graphic arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Deals with installation, painting and printmaking. His works mostly feature ordinary materials - wood or paper, although he also ventures to experiment with other matter. Lives and works in central Warsaw.

Grzegorz Piątek – architecture critic, architect by education. Curator (alongside Rob Wilson, RIBA) of the exhibition OPEN:POLAND. Architecture and Identity (London, 2009). Curator (alongside Jarosław Trybuś) of the exhibition Hotel Polonia. The Afterlife of Buildings in the Polonia Pavilion, honoured with a Golden Lion at the Venice Architecture Biennial in 2008. Since 2005, content-editor of the ‘Architektura-Murator’ monthly.

Jerzy Goliszewski, Transit, 2010

Jerzy Goliszewski: Tranzyt, fot. Kuba Dąbrowski, 2010

Finissage of Stadium X, fot. Mikołaj Długosz, 2007

Transit is a part of the project Synchronicity_3 devoted to micro spaces and ways inhabitants of large cities use to synchronise their needs with the (im)possibilities of the existing status quo. Small venue rented by Bęc Zmiana in the centre of Warsaw is an inspiration and a challenge for architects, artists and designers invited to cooperate.

Organiser: Bęc Zmiana Foundation
Cooperation: 5-10-15

Project is realised with financial support of the City of Warsaw.