fot. Mikołaj Długosz

About a fifteen-metre high park installation made of neon light, placed in the open urban space of Kępa Potocka Park. The neon sign, in the shape of a huge glass with pink soda bubbles flying into the air, is 17 metres high and was designed by Maurycy Gomulicki. The work on the neon sign took almost two years.The aim of the project was not only to show Gomulicki’s work in open urban space which he favours, but also to place it in the Żoliborz district, with which his family has been connected for generations.

Maurycy Gomulicki about the project: “(…) We are a serious and hard-hit nation, we know how to think, analyse, but how do we actually handle such a subject like the beauty of life – how much space is given to it in our art and culture? There are times when you might think that Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo never existed here; that only the January Uprising and Treblinka serve as important counterpoints in our history. When we stroll around Warsaw we find monuments to glory, martyrdom and heroism every couple of minutes. But I, like it or not, aware of the blood shed still smile at the satyrs and nymphs in Łazienki Park or in the Saxon Garden; the treble clef at the back of the Music Academy building pleases me; I wait expectantly for the next Rose Exhibition. Hence the idea for a contemporary monument to lightness, joy, to beauty of the moment and its transience: you can and should enjoy life, it is worth reminding, focusing attention on it, and provoking this type of experience (…).”

Maurycy Gomulicki, b. 1969 in Warsaw. Polish graphic artist, photographer, author of art installations and short films. Studied at the Graphic Design Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1987-1992). He also studied at the Facultat de Belles Arts at the University in Barcelona 1992-1993; at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan, 1994; and at Centro Multimedia del Centro Nacional de las Artes in Mexico 1997-1998. He has presented his works – computer graphics, drawings, installations, and photographs – at numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad. A consultant and co-author of photographs in the ABCDF project: Mexico City visual dictionary (2000-2002). His project Air Bridge was carried out in 2003-2005 as part of InSite – Art Practices in the Public Domain in San Diego, US and in Tijuana, Mexico. His photo album W-WA with pictures of Warsaw was published by the Bęc Zmiana Foundation in 2007. He lives in Warsaw and Mexico.

fot. Mikołaj Długosz

The project has been carried out by Bęc Zmiana Foundation as part of the Transformations Art Festival by the Vistula, thanks to the Capital City of Warsaw grant. //

Partner: Żoliborz District Government

Sponsor of neon sign: