Ania Witkowska, Adam Witkowski
10 Hz 
(dream machine, video)

Time: 15.06-07.07.2010
Venue: Bęc Zmiana, 65 Mokotowska St., Warsaw

In 2010 the underlying theme of the cycle of interdisciplinary events Synchronicity are micro-spaces and methods applied by inhabitants of large cities to synchronise their needs with real (im)possibilities. The small space rented by Bęc Zmiana in the centre of Warsaw is an inspiration and a challenge for architects, artists and designers invited to cooperate.

We begin with an insight into internal spaces: Ania Witkowska and Adam Witkowski, two artists whose works often address the world of pop culture, carried out a replica of the renowned Dream Machine. The appliance, built in the 1960s by beatniks Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs and mathematician Ian Sommerville, produced alpha waves (8-12 Hz) in the brain, which normally occur in the state of deep relaxation, meditation and falling asleep. Deeming the outer world invalid, it makes us focus on internal, infinite spaces. The exhibition also features video works.

I began with the assumption that if I really observe myself asleep, I will also notice if I am wearing the same clothes as when I was going to sleep; I decided to change them every four days. I was convinced that recalling what clothes I was wearing when falling asleep would not present any problem whatever while dreaming. Discipline I acquired during my dreaming exercises gave me a reason to think that I was able to store such details in memory, and recall them afterwards while dreaming. I tried as hard as I could to follow my criterion, but the results were not as I expected... Carlos Castaneda, The Art of Dreaming, 1993

Adam Witkowski – (born in 1978) deals with visual arts (painting, graphics, installation, video), sound and music (radio projects, theatre and film music, field recordings). As of 2007, lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Workshop of Multimedia Graphics. www.adamwitkowski.com

Ania Witkowska – (born in 1978) deals with visual arts (installation, video) and graphic design. Often addresses pop culture and consumer world, infecting it with the virus of art, frolicks with the world of advertising and marketing strategies. www.aniawitkowska.com

Project realised with financial support from the Warsaw City Hall.