The project I am presenting through these images constitutes one of my first interaction with the city of Warsaw. It is a series of changeable landscapes that we have conceived of for a competition for a temporary information area for the Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

Through our proposal, we tried to escape designing a defined and confined box of information, or the 'typical' information booth where visitors would have to address one specific person to get their information. Our attempt was to create a sort of a 'democratic' infrastructure that would hold a constantly evolving information landscape.

The infrastructure of this landscape was to be constituted by a repetition of around 2000 steel rods that would be fixed on the site's ground. Each rod had on its extremity a clip that would hold steadily a picture, a comment, a word, a flower, a candle or information that the visitor of the site would leave as a reaction of the happenings on this specific site. In that sense, the intervention became an open landscape, one awaiting for people's stories to be written. A 'generic' landscape that is to be transformed appropriated so it is given meanings and identities.

This project is for me a perfect materialization or image of what the topic of SYNCHRONICITY is pledging for. A physical manifestation of what my ignorance of Warsaw would be. A blank page, an open space, an infrastructure, an undefined image or a dream, a generic system that would lean into a perpetual transformation. An uncertain 'white' space that would approach a certainty each time an individual would intervene on it.

This project that was once proposed to happen in front of the future Museum of Warsaw can still be transposed into a different site in this same city. It is a potential space for 'rumors', for 'intuitions' that can barely settle or crystallize into an image to disappear again and transform with the passage of time. So "Come and Intervene".

Lina Ghotmeh
Dorell Ghotmeh