My ignorance/knowledge about Warsaw is related to Chopin, Kyezslowsky, Avalon by Mamoru Oshii and some people I know who live there.

The only time I had been to Warsaw I was on a plane flying from Tokyo to Rome and so actually I can not say I have been to Warsaw, in fact I had just flew on it. To design this project once again I decided to fly on it by using Google Earth. While I was digitally flying on the Polish capital, with no particular reason I was singing and whistling something like “my beloved Warsaw” and the first thing that attracted my attention was a leaf shaped space (a lake near a church). So the first two terms related to Warsaw were love and leaf. I think a third term that matches perfectly with them is life. So I named my ignorant project as “LeafLifeLove”.

The project is named “Leaf, Life, Love” because is related to Nature, Existence and Feelings. “Leaf, Life, Love” takes inspiration from nature’s geometry to design an appealing and functional space. By assembling many “Leaf, Life, Love” units is possible to create infinite configurations of space. This project aims to rethink the relationships between culture, nature and technology.
In Japanese “Komaru” means problem. The pictographic character for “Komaru” is a tree inside a box. Which means that when a tree is put inside a box, may cause troubles, because its grow is being limited. A library, thought and shaped as a pot, is the main space of LeafLifeLove. In the middle of the pot there is a vortex that symbolizes the Chaos. It represents both a cultural Chaos and the primordial chaos we have been told our civilization comes from.

While I was watching Warsaw from the top, I felt as having in front of me a canvas like a flat page on which I might draw something. I drew a tree, rooted inside a cultural box that sets itself free and grows randomically, without a main goal or direction to follow.