This year’s edition of the cycle SYNCHRONICITY is devoted to the concrete possibilities of imagining anew the relationships that underpin the organisation of cities. The project concentrates on HOLES IN THE WHOLE, understood in the context of curiosity and searching for spaces that exist on the margins, left intact by the dynamics of the city-enterprise. There is a conscious reference here to the title of Krzysztof Nawratek’s book, Holes in the Whole. An Introduction to Urban Revolutions (Zero Books 2012). Conceived as a critical analytical project, this edition of SYNCHRONICITY aims to draw conclusions IN CONCRETE TERMS, and to reveal the role of architects, sociologists, politicians, urban activists, officials and residents in bringing about tangible improvements to the spatial organisation and quality of life in the city.

fot. Michał Dąbrowski

Specific activities, or the materiality of the city: REFLEX, a system of panels that provide extra light and offer a solution to the common problem of the lack of sunlight in the inner yards of buildings, designed by Joanna Piaścik.

time: as of 13th of June
venue: Warsaw, yard in ul. Szpitalna 6