Nicolas Grospierre, cycle Embassy |


Time: 29.11.2010 (Monday), 19.00
Venue: Museum of Modern Art, 3 Pańska St., Warsaw

The non-existent housing policy in Poland of the 21st century is the subject of the debate accompanying the finissage of the exhibition Reduction, which presents the controversial proposal for combating the housing deficit by reducing the floor area of newly built apartments. The architects from the architectural office Centrala aim to convince us that smaller flats is a way to achieve larger independence, not only financial.

It is estimated that there are over 2 million flats lacking in Poland. Another million of flats should be added that do exist but need immediate modernisation and revitalisation. The situation is worsening despite the increase in the volume of developer investments and the development of individual single-family housing. Why have the attempts at introducing social housing in Poland failed? What role can architects play in improving the present situation?

The debate will be preceded by Jan Strumiłło’s lecture presenting the results of the research on the situation of housing in Switzerland and Krzysztof Gutfrański’s lecture on the significance of small flats in communist Poland for the emergence of anti-regime social strategies.

Debate moderated by: Jakub Szczęsny
Lectures: Jan Strumiłło, Krzysztof Gutrfański
Debate: Piotr Ciszewski (President of Warsaw Tenants’ Association), Olgierd Dziekoński (Chancellery of the President of Poland, former Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Construction and former Deputy Minister of Infrastructure), Olgierd Jagiełło (JEMS Architects), Magdalena Staniszkis (Warsaw University of Technology), Waldemar Siemiński (Institute of Spatial Management and Housing).

The meeting is a part of the cycle Synchronicity_3 devoted to micro spaces and ways inhabitants of large cities use to synchronise their needs with the (im)possibilities of the existing status quo.

The project Synchronicity_3 is realised with financial support of the City of Warsaw.