photo: Michał Dąbrowski,
TIME: AS OF 13th of June

The action „More Light“ marks the first public presentation of a trial version of the project Reflex by Joanna Piaścik – the winning project in the BMW/URBAN/TRANSFORMS competition, organised by BMW Group Polska and the Bęc Zmiana Foundation. The goal of the competition was to select the most interesting solutions that enhance the quality of life in the city and turn into a friendly place for inhabitants.

The awarded project aims to provide extra light to facades and yards through purpose-designed mirror panels located on opposite walls. Sunrays that fall onto southern or south-eastern facades of buildings are reflected to neighbours who have much fewer or no opportunities to enjoy the sun.

The reflective surface is made of modular aluminium elements that can be freely installed next to each other to cover walls of any size. This is the first and trial implementation of this design, prepared in collaboration with the Faculty of Physics of the Warsaw University of Technology. This test is to check the effectiveness and quality of the system, taking into account the impact of atmospheric conditions and other factors.

photo: Michał Dąbrowski,

The test version of Reflex is presented within this year’s edition of the project Synchronicity – Being Specific (Wholes in the Whole) – which concentrates on the factors, beyond knowledge and reflection, that cause tangible change. The project is carried out by the Bęc Zmiana Foundation with the financial support of the City of Warsaw and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.